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Alternate Thursdays

Time has this rather annoying habit of staying out of reach, like a mirage on the horizon; it’s only February but for those of going, there are only 8 months left before the next LSF, that’s only around 14 regular meetings!

My hope is that these alternative sessions will help us develop “better” work by providing an avenue for discussion and also to help us work faster. Personally speaking I want writing and filmmaking to not only be something I work towards every other Thursday evening, I want it to be my profession and I am hoping that you will join me in making this happen together.

The format of The Alternate is subject to change and we can experiment to see what works. The aim is not cannibalize The Regular session but to build towards it by keeping the momentum up.

I complained about time being limited, so my aim for these sessions is for them to be to be setup in such a way that you can jump in and out; maybe you’re interested in a particular script or you can partake your knowledge of sound recording/storyboarding/etc., jump in, give your input and then jump out until something else takes your fancy. The idea is not meet just for meetings sake.
To enable this we will have to embrace some form of technology which we will all be responsible for checking and contributing to; what form this will take, still has to be confirmed.

I’ll make a few suggestions for how the sessions will run:

Unless people want to read whole scripts outside of the sessions then in the Alternate we won’t; if we are discussing your work, be prepared to talk about it. So rather than us reading what you’ve written, talk us through moments of your script, the moments without which your story won’t work.
This way no one has to read anything beforehand in order to take part in the conversations.
By talking it out in this way, I believe you will be freer to explore alternative options and be more aware of the minimum you need on the page to make it work.

If you’ve finished your script and are now at a loss of what to do we can help with what to do with that particular story, maybe it’s a rewrite, maybe it’s a completion or maybe it could be to shoot it.
If you wrote it to shoot and are stuck, then between us we have the knowledge, equipment and hopefully the resources to get it made. If you just need someone on your side to give a bit of a push or help out maybe someone can help you by producing it.

My initial thought is to start these sessions as a full group at the National Theatre on the alternate Thursday running between 6:30-8:30 so that we can gage interest and to see what works, this may become smaller groups of 3-4 simply because it’s easier to have a discussion. There could also be different timeslots so you can just jump into the session that interests you. If these small sessions work and to open it up to people who find themselves a little further afield we could migrate onto something like Skype and have video chat sessions.

This only works if everyone who is interested commits together.

In the Regular we’ve mentioned a buddy system, I suggest that if this set up, since the two of you should be discussing each other’s work outside of the group, that for the Alternate that you split up so as to invite other opinions; this will give you more to work on when you regroup.

By Shaffique Jamal