The Secret Life Of A Group Writer

(By Shaffique Jamal)

Sitting at my desk I think I can hear the sea, no, it’s just internal white noise. Bored, mundane, The Day Job.

– SUDDENLY – an unfamiliar alert tone, adrenalin releases, heartbeat quickens.
My colleague gives me “that look” taking me out of the moment, ‘Shouldn’t your phone be on silent?’.
He gets a raised eyebrow from me, ‘It’s important’.

I bury my face in the retina screen of my phone, I can see the individual pixels but now no roaming eyes can glean the substance, this isn’t for their eyes, this is my secret.

Communication has been established; the network is live. Other people, similar people with a united vision know my secret, they share it.

A group of individuals came together leaving the ordinary behind, revealing their true selves. We are superheroes, we are a writing collective.


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