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Hey friends!

The eagle-eyed amongst you (Shaff) may have noticed that the weekly format of this slice of Internet pie fell apart faster than Heroes Season 2. Well to make up for it I present to you three fine shorts spread over two delectable topics  for your viewing business/pleasure.

So without further “a Jew”, open wide and cram this down your gob.


As the song in Team America went – “We’re gonna need a montage. I love a good montage. You normally get a load of great scenes together, stuff actually happens and invariably there’s a cracking song or “Fix You” by Coldplay, in the background. A montage in a short can be tricky to pull off as you have limited time to set things up. If done well though you can really increase the weight of your piece by making the journey feel longer/deeper.

First up in this category we have “Set No Path” by Brooks Reynolds.

Watch it and let’s meet downstairs in seventeen minutes and ten seconds.

Ok, you back? Pretty depressing eh? Sorry about that… But hey how bout those montages eh? I loved how they used three stitched together with some Dawson’s Creek-esque acting bits. The editing of the montage sequences was incredible, linking the present day, flash forwards and using the Super-8 style camcorder footage for the flashbacks – all worked perfectly. Mucho kudos to Justin Dube for providing a brilliant soundtrack.

PART TWO: “Using your limits to your advantage OR How I have no money…”

Next up is an great example of how to do a lot with a little. It’s ALSO an example of a montage type piece. Pretty smart eh Stephan? (Yeah Andrew you are the best! – Stephan).

This is a short by a fellow called Gabriel Bisset-Smith and is named “Thrush”. Watch it with your eyes.

Pretty neat eh? Amazing how you can do so much with relatively little. Also think of all the issues this overcomes that might be stopping you from being able to tell your story – be it access to good actors, directors, camerapeople. Of course not every story can be told in this format but it’s a good example of thinking outside the box. Spotify did something along the same lines of using very little to do a lot for their recent ad campaign.

Another great example of this is Mark Colombus’s “Battle of the Jazz Guitarist”. Now those amongst you who are Stephan know how much I love this. Superb use of basically just subtitles to tell a story. Sit back and enjoy.

Wow. Eh? If that didn’t make you reconsider how you are planning your short I dunno what will. The way the subtitles change, or reveal, to be more of a stream of consciousness is amazing . And anything with M83 will always get bonus points from me.

Ok that’s it for this week. I’ll be back next week. Comment below. First comment wins a prize. Comment!

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